Healing Gut Damage Caused By Gluten

By Valerie Robitaille

The amount of time it will take to heal damage to the small intestine caused by gluten will depend on the extent of the condition; gluten sensitives may feel better in a week or two, celiac patients may take a year or more. One’s age and how long the offending substance was ingested is a factor too, but regardless of these variables, if you are su
ffering, healing is your mission! After all, healing is far more satisfying than continuing to suffer in physical and mental pain, to say nothing of your Spirit which always naturally wants to feel free and healthy. Living with pain and fear of illness is the gluten sensitive’s lot if not educated.

There is a path of wellness ahead of you when you discover all you need to do is remove gluten from your diet regardless of your age or however long you’ve been ingesting gluten and maybe not even aware that you are allergic.had enough gluten


Acknowledging that you may be allergic to gluten – something that can create conditions that, in turn, create diseases, some of which you may be suffering from – is being aware, and awareness is the first step on the path to restoration of your body, mind and Spirit.

If you want to experience complete healing from gluten damage caused to the intestinal villi (for details, please see informational VIDEO), take an educational journey with me. I will reveal simple health concepts (truths) and nutritional (safe) cures for diseases that have been suppressed for more than 100 years by the medical community.Click-here-for-gluten-repor

(For the facts on the history of medical schools and procedures, and how drugs were forced upon the public thanks to heavy funding and control, and not efficacy, the Rockefeller and Carnegie families used the clout and power of the government to commandeer the entire health field. Please watch short videos HERE and HERE. Many factions of the mainstream medical community have used bullying and discrediting tactics against sophisticated practitioners and simple non-invasive procedures, similar to the tendency some people have that have to put others down in order to make themselves look good. If you don’t know about the historic malevolent maneuvers of the medical establishment, please watch some of the movies available on this blog HERE You can decide for yourself if true healing modalities have been suppressed. I will reveal some of these simple truths about healing.)

Please FOCUS [Follow One Course Until Successful]

“Living consciously is the ability to look at the world through fresh eyes, seeking to be aware of everything that bears on our interests, actions, values, purposes, and goals. It is the willingness to confront facts, pleasant or unpleasant. It is the desire to discover our mistakes and correct them. It is the quest to keep expanding our awareness and understanding, both of the world external to self and of the world within. It is respect for reality and respect for the distinction between the real and the unreal. It is the commitment to see what we see and know what we know. It is recognition that the act of dismissing reality is the root of all evil.“  Nathaniel Branden

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Gluten Health Concept # 1 – Awareness of allergy

If you already know gluten is your problem, then you have reached a major accomplishment: AWARENESS. Along with getting knowledge and understanding, the very first step of your journey to halting destructive eating behavior is to become aware that YOU ARE THE ONE making the choice to eat what you are eating. Just become aware of that fact – no negative judgements here – just that you are the one in control.

I hope to inspire you to be gentle with yourself because up until now, your food choices and eating behaviors may have been the only way you knew how to manage your life. I understand this as it has been the case for me. The other possibility is that no one told you gluten might be the cause of your suffering so how could you have known you were in danger? Of course we are all unique and you may have other reasons for continuing destructive eating (if you already know that you have a gluten problem).

The goal in this program is to manage your life most wonderfully without destruction to your body, mind and Spirit. If you have been suffering from any level of gluten intolerance – sensitivity, allergy, celiac – and eating processed foods for some amount of time, there will be damage that CAN AND NEEDS TO BE HEALED.

Nugget: A masked food allergy is often accompanied by an addiction to that food.

People who tend to eat a lot of a particular food, and suffer cravings when it is withdrawn from their diet, need look no further for the cause of their malaise. For example, the severe asthmatic who may have a masked sensitivity to wheat, will often be found snacking on a piece of bread or a sandwich, because he gets a ‘lift’ after eating it. The asthmatic craves wheat and for a time, sometimes years, will feel better after eating it, but is never completely well or in a normal healthy state.

From a Celiac forum:

“Can eating gluten cause addictive behavior and mood changes? I’ve been gluten free for a about a month and I noticed within that time that my depression started to lift and I started to feel a lot calmer BUT last week like an idiot I thought I could handle eating a cookie so I did. Then because I didn’t have a reaction within a couple of minutes I thought I’d try something else, fast forward 1 hour and I’d consumed several items of gluten filled food. Needless to say I was ill, I had the full works: headache, stomach cramps, a foggy head, feeling irritable/agitated and vomiting. The thing is I spent the next 24hrs in agony but my cravings for everything gluten based started to go totally out of control. It’s 2 weeks later and I feel like a lunatic, I’ve got myself into a cycle of stuffing myself stupid with all these foods then spending the next few days in pain feeling like I’m going to die. My mood swings have come back with a vengeance and I’m irritable all of the time. I know it’s making me ill but I can’t stop!! Why have I lost so much control? Is this normal??? Can gluten cause this or am i just imagining it? I’m so annoyed with myself.”

Meso Health or Super Health?

Scientific experiments have shown that young, undernourished animals can survive, and will show no signs of disease or even vitamin deficiencies. However, by the time these animals reach adulthood, degeneration has set in: dental caries, constipation, large populations of harmful bacteria in the colon, and loss of calcium from bones! Humans can probably expect to see the same effects when there is an undernourished condition, such as commercial gluten intolerance, creating havoc on the immune system.1

What do I mean by commercial gluten? The answer requires a brief discussion about processed foods, processed here meaning that something has been done to wheat and other grains, meat, dairy, fat, vegetables and fruit in some factory somewhere in the world (as opposed to food from your garden, your neighbor’s farm, etc.), packaged and sold in the supermarket. Wheat, barley, rye, and all other grains may not be inherently evil in their natural forms (before processing and definitely not from genetically modified seed types) but it is rare to find something on the supermarket shelf that hasn’t been adulterated in some way – usually intensely handled.chemicals in your food

More scientific animal studies have shown some of the additives in processed foods actually create obesity by altering blood sugar, and produce intestinal problems and general inflammation [leading to an additional set of problematic conditions]. Emulsifying agents such as carboxy-methyl-cellulose and polysorbate 80 (both very popular in processed foods) are particularly harmful to the gut as they change the condition of the beneficial bacterial communities that line the gut.2


Changes in Gut

The pictures below are good visuals representing a) what happens to the delicate villi of the small intestine when gluten is poorly tolerated, and b) healthy villi. Substances other than gluten in wheat may cause this same damage to the intestine (e.g., soy and casein), so educating oneself on this issue is super important if one is to be completely healed.

gluten gut damage

villi healed from gluten damage

Read, listen, learn and understand. You may be shocked and horrified at some of what you hear, and you may want to ignore some issues because you just don’t know what to say about it. For example, what if I told you that wheat in industrialized countries, like the US, is sprayed with Round-Up (glyphosate) before harvesting? Glyphosate has been shown to be responsible for proliferation of breast cancer cells, and has been labeled “a probable carcinogen” by the World Health Organization (WHO). Could this be the reason so many have become gluten intolerant in unprecedented numbers over the past 40 or so years? Personally, I’m extremely gluten sensitive but can eat wheat in Africa – hmmmm.

It’s hard to hear the facts and think that we’ve been poisoned, especially if you’re suffering from gluten sensitivity, but hang in there! We have a ways to go before we get clear on gluten.



Daily diet plans with sample menus to help you determine your sensitivity
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The Big Gluten Secret


Kenton, Leslie & Susannah, 1985, Raw Energy, pg.19.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bG9WXuUF9KI


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